Tuition Replacement Funds



Complete project proposals can be submitted by

March 30 and September 30

of each year. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the following Monday is the submission deadline.

Projects are always applied for for the following semestert! (e.g. March 30 deadline - funding for the upcoming winter semester)

In the event of a subsequent or repeat proposal please include the project number of the previous proposal.


Tuition Replacement Funds/Quality Improvement Funds Allocation Process

Project allocation from tuition fees takes places twice a year at the Faculty of Medicine. Here at the Faculty of Medicine, we talk about two "allocation rounds" each year. Project names result from this setup: e.g.


stands for a project from Studienbeiträgen or tuition fees from 2011, submitted during the first allocation round, project number 15. The Tuition Replacement Funds for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Studies Allocation Committee or VKS makes a decision about submitted applications in one or more meetings. This council is established by the Dean of Studies Office and is made up of five student members and four instructors.

There are different project types: Tuition Replacement Funds (SBE), AIXTRA-1/4- Lecturer Positions (abbreviation A1/4), Instructional Material Funds( abbreivation LMF) and Travel Cost Funds (abbreviation RK). There are also workshop funds that finance conferences and workshops related to teaching (e.g. AMEE or GMA conference). Applications for the Instructional Material Funds or Conference Funds can be processed independent of the VKS meetings in a circulation procedure and thus do not need to be submitted by a certain deadline.