Teaching Report


An annual teaching report provides transparency about the teaching offers and involvement of professors in the different courses of study at the Faculty of Medicine. Information about instructors, who reported back to the Dean of Studies Office after the teaching survey, is summarized; this includes approximately 400 internal and external private lecturers, adjunct professors, and postdocs. The fourth teaching report was published in mid-2012.

Transparency in Teaching

The teaching survey promotes the examination of teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, as the chairs' teaching involvement is made transparent in the teaching report.

Contextual Examination of Teaching

it is apparent that there are stimuli from the teaching survey for sustainable examination of teaching. This was surprisingly often common for external adjunt professors and private lecturers, who require new anchoring after the RSG expired in SS 2011. An agreement process between lecturers, chair holders, and class and academic coordinators precedes every new inclusion in the MSG. This process makes all those involved aware that teaching, particularly in the interdisciplinary MSG, should be agreed upon in order to ensure a higher quality of teaching. In some cases it is motivation to rethink teaching within a teaching unit.

Connection or "Who Exactly Teaches Where"

Within the process of realizing this project it became clearer that involving and connecting the about 200 external instructors is not trivial. The additional relationship survey (see above) implemented prompted some teaching units to reorganize themselves. Units with many external instructors found new concepts in their teaching, including to anchor more instructors in the MSG:

Guide Function

The project members now have an internal guide function, since instructors sought diverse information regarding inclusion in teaching with regards to the teaching survey. Detailed questions are fielded by subject representatives and course of study and class coordinators.