The evaluation of our faculty supports the further development of the courses of study and accompanies the reform process.

Satisfaction Surveys

Students, teachers, and graduates are regularly surveyed (Evaluna, Evasys). The assessments flow into the quality assurance of courses, courses of study, and study conditions.

Examination Performance

The results of relevant and summative exams are analyzed as are formative tests, that provide information about the growth of knowledge. Together with the survey, this data builds an evidence-based foundation for curricular futher development.

Internal Evaluation

Other numbers are relevant to good education aside from the student course evaluation and exam assessments. Training concepts, numbers, developments, and equipment are regularly documented. Using these transparent reports as a basis, topics are identified, that are worked out in annual workshops with members of the faculty. Measures are developed and projects are realized from these global observations.

External Evaluation

All of our courses of study have quality assurance process. Aside from the internal evaluation, there are also external evaluations for and through RWTH Aachen, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science, the auditing office or Landesrechnungshof, the Council of Science and Humanities, and accreditation institutions. The quality of our study programs and the infrastructure of the faculty are ensured through this process.

Evaluation of Teaching Concepts

Innovative teaching concepts are implemented in projects and accompanies by education research.