PAULA Teaching Award


Under the motto "Behind every good student, there's a good teacher" the Medicine Student Representative Council annually awards the PAULA Teaching Award, the Award for Outstanding University Teaching awarded by Aachen students.

The Medicine Student Representative Council's PAULA team has awarded the prize in the name of students since 2007 in the categories "Best Bedside Teaching," "Best Organization," "Best Lecture," and "Life Work." The award ceremony initially took place at the Physicians' Ball in the Eurogress. For the past four years PAULA has been awarded at the legendary Patho-Fête.

All Aachen medical students can nominate lecturers, whose involvement has been particularly notable, throughout the year on the representative council's homepage.

The PAULA team evaluates the nominations and picks out the three most often nominated individuals in each category for further selection. At the beginning of July students can vote who should receive the PAULA on the representative council's homepage.

Winners are then "crowned" at the annual Patho-Fête.

Text: Laura Hartmann (Medicine Student Representative Council)

PAULA Award Winners

Best Lecturer
Best Lecture

Best Lecturer Best Bedside Teaching Best Organization Life Work
2013 Dr. med. Till Braunschweig Dr med Sonja Trepels-Kottek Dr. med. Sasa Sopka, PD Dr. med. Stefan Beckers, MME, Henning Biermann Longterm Involvement:Prof. Dr. Baumgartner
2012 Prof. Dr. Baumgartner (Cellular Neurobionics) PD Dr. Becker (Med. Klinik I) Dipl. Phys. Galow (Dean of Studies Office) -
2011 Prof. Dr. S. Gründer (Institute of Physiology) PD Dr. M. Becker (Med. Klinik I) PD Dr. Küpper -
2010 Dr. Perez-Bouza (Pathology) und PD Dr. Mischke (Med. Klinik I) PD Dr. Al Dahouk (Med. Klinik III) Prof. Dr. Ritter (Institute for Medical Microbiology) -
2009 Prof. Dr. Müller-Newen (Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) OA Wainwright (Department of Anaesthesiology) Dipl. Phys. Galow (Dean of Studies Office) -
2008 Prof. Kühl (Med. Klinik I) und Dr. Perez-Bouza (Pathology) Jesus de Pereira (Emergency Surgery and Orthopedics) Prof. Ritter
2007 Prof. Ritter

PD Dr. Kemp (Gynecology)

Prof. Franke
(Med. Klinik I)

Prof. Kaufmann (Anatomy; Model Course of Study)