Teaching Projects


Faculty Funding Programs

The RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine fund projects that aim at improving student education and training. Involvement and creativity in teaching are supported and the possibility is created to forge new paths in student training. Independent developments can be realized with modern, innovative instructional programs, and initiatives can be supported that aim at assuming and implementing offers, if they can be successfully established, from other departments in the faculty or external faculties.

200000 euros are available every fiscal year. Equipment and personnel are eligibile to be funded.


Tuition Replacement Funds/Quality Improvement Funds

Since winter semester 2006/2007, the universities in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia have had the right to charge tuition fees of up to 500 euros per semester. Most of the universities in the state, including RWTH Aachen, took advantage of this right.

Even though the tuition fees were abolished in summer semester 2011, the universities have not lost these funds. The state hands out so called "tuition fee replacement funds" or "quality improvement funds", that roughly amount to the lost tuition. The funds can and should be exclusively used to improve the quality of teaching at universities. Just as with the tuition, places that are funded with the tuition replacement funds, are not relevant to capacity.

The faculties receive money both via proposal (25% of the overall amount) as through regular shares (50% of the amount). 25% of the money is reserved for central RWTH measures. However the faculties receive a portion of it through money reserved for first semester mentoring.