Changing Universities or Courses of Study


General Information on Admission to a Higher Core Semester in the "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine) and Dentistry

Admission to a higher core semester in medicine and dentistry depends on the availability of open spots. Students transferring universities or changing courses of study are taken into consideration during applicant selection. The current semester is more important when applying than the total number of completed semesters until now. Please note that due to a change in curriculum in both dentistry and medicine that it may take you longer than usual to complete your studies when transferring to studies in Aachen. The odd numbered semesters are only offered in the winter semester and the even numbered ones during the summer semester.

Am I changing universities or courses of study?

Transfer students are students who already have a study placement in their desired subject at another university in Germany and would like to transfer to RWTH Aachen. "Quereinsteiger" are students who have academic performance from another subject different from their desired one or would like to come to RWTH Aachen directly from abroad.


September 15 for applications for the winter semester
March 15 for applications for the summer semester

Medicine Model Course of Study

Principally it is possible to switch from a regular course of study into the model course of study. However, you can expect for studies to take longer, since clinical subjects are already integrated starting in the third semester of the "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine) and the curriculum is structured differently. A placement certificate (see info sheet) is required for an application in Aachen (starting in the third semester or higher). Applications for the second semester do not require a placement certificate. It is sufficient to provide documentation that you have studied one semester of medicine/that one semester of medicine was recognized (Anerkennungsbescheid LPA).

Please also pay attention to the Declaration of the Application for Admission to a Higher Core Semester, see below. As soon as you have received a study placement in the medicine model course of study, this declaration must be brought to the respective class cohort coordinator on the first day.


The dentistry curriculum is Aachen is different than at other Faculties of Medicine. For this reason, it is often impossible to automatically transfer into the next higher semester. All courses are offered annually, that is only in the winter or summer semester. See info sheet for more information.



Annika Martens

Speaker for Administrative Affairs and Dentistry Coordinator