Certificate of Good Standing


Students who want to enroll in the courses of study at the Faculty of Medicine or at RWTH Aachen overall and who have already started studies at RWTH Aachen or other universities, need a so called Certificate of Good Standing to enroll.

Contact Person for Medicine and Logopedic Courses of Study: Annika Martens
Contact Person for Dentistry: Michael Schulz, office hours are Thursday 1 to 2pm or via email
Contact Person for Biomedical Engineering: Monika Ohler

The issuance of a certificate of good standing is a formality in most cases, if, for example, a completely different subject was previously studies. If an individual has already studied the same course of study though, a more thorough review takes place.

Regardless of your case, please keep in mind that issuing the certificate of good standing takes at least one business day!

Documents and information for issuing the certificate of good standing:

  1. Name, date of birth, place of birth
  2. Mailing address
  3. Certificate from previous universities about academic performance there in the subject that will now be studied, so that the student does not lose the right to examination.
    1. If this is not possible, an affadavit must be submitted, stating that the right to examination has not been lost in medicine, dentistry, or logopedics.

Important: If a student did not previously pass an exam in the same subject and thus lost their right to examination, a certificate of good standing cannot be issued.


Annika Martens

Speaker for Administrative Affairs and Dentistry Coordinator