Academic Qualifications


Entrance requirement for this M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering study program is an undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) by which the educational requirements can be proven. Undergraduate degrees are only acceptable from universities that are accredited by the state, in which the University is located or through officially recognized procedures.

The educational requirements of the undergraduate degrees should include knowledge (90 Credit Points (CP) of the European Credit Transfer System) in the fields of engineering, mathematics / natural sciences with at least the following CP in these four fields:

Mathematics advanced mathematics; linear algebra (vector analysis and tensor analysis), analysis (differential calculus and integral calculus) numeric methods 20 CP
Chemistry advanced chemistry; anorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, polymer processing 20 CP
Biology advanced biology; human cell biology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, human physiology, human anatomy 20 CP
Physics and Engineering Technology advanced physics; mechanics, electrotechnics, thermodynamics, nuclear physics, solid state physics, static and dynamic 30 CP

In each field, students need at least 50 % of the mentioned credits.

If a student has in total 20 credits or more missing, the student will not be accepted by this programme.

To fulfill the above-mentioned requirements we advise the students to take the missing modules at their home university in time (best in the 4-5 th bachelor semester).

Be aware that we can only accept new modules if they are successfully passed and certificated from the home university and handed in during the application procedure.

For further information please contact the BME programme coordinator.

Further details are listed in the examination regulations