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RWTH Aachen University has all the relevant information you need as a RWTH student available at a glance. Everything you need to know for your practical and daily life during your studies , including how to get a “Hiwi” job or even workshops how to manage your time and resources during stressful learning periods.

Medica Fair

In the BME program, we believe in giving our students the necessary tools and knowledge for a scientific career and also the necessary insights to be prepared for the industry. Therefor we offer all students a visit to the  Medica Tradefair during the first semester with a personalized free entry ticket. The Medica Tradefair takes place each year in Düsseldorf in November and is the most important international trade fair for the medical industry in Europe.

Partner universities

Our BME program collaborates with top universities abroad, specially for student exchange programs. Please click here to see the Erasmus+ partner universities of the program.

The RWTH Aachen university works with many top universities worldwide. Please click here to check which universities would you be eligible to apply for an exchange period.


Our BME programme is part of the EIT Health CEMACUBE (Common European Master’s Course in Biomedical Engineering) programme

Students in the CEMACUBE Master’s programme learn by doing as they develop and test new medical devices and work to bring their innovations to market. Certified with the prestigious EIT Label, this Master’s in Biomedical Engineering increases international mobility of students, who will study at two different universities. The course involves a total of six universities and combines innovative pedagogical methods with excellent scientific content.

The master programme has a duration of two years (120 credits), with students spending each year in a different country.

These six leading research and educational institutions in Europe collaborate to provide a top-quality education in all aspects of biomedical engineering. RWTH Aachen University, DE; Trinity College Dublin, IE;Ghent University together with Free University of Brussels, BE; University of Groningen, NL; Czech Technical University, CZ.

The CEMACUBE Master's in in Biomedical Engineering provides students with skills to realise a medical device that can solve a medical problem. Students work in co-creation with the stakeholders, including patients, medical professionals and members of the industry, to develop prototypes and test them in real-life. Their course work continues with the second part of the process, implementation and commercialisation, as they develop a business plan and prepare for CE certification and a patent application. This work can potentially lead to an application for support through the EIT Health headstart programme or even submission as an innovation project. The CEMACUBE programme is run in cooperation with many industrial partners, like the EIT Health members Philips, Medtronic and Siemens. Students have an advantage when it comes to making the transition from academia to industry. The course supports them in becoming the entrepreneurs of the future with a European view, experienced in multicultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

Further information

Bonding Fair

The Bonding fair is held every winter in Aachen, there you can meet companies from around the area. You get the opportunity to get in contact with a possible future employer or to get information where you want to go for an internship.

It can help you get information what employers are looking for in their employees.