PJ Selection and Allocation Process (only for medical students in the "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine))


All PJ training placements are centrally allocated via the PJ Office through a set allocation process! The allocation process follows a lottery number system.

Please make to sure pay attention to the deadlines below for the allocation of PJ placements!

Registration Process and Deadlines for the Spring 2015 Rotation
(only for medical students in the "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine))

Registration Process


Registration for the PJ through the MSG online portal

October 21 to 31, 2014

Registration for the PJ FT 15 info mail listserve at: http://mailman.rwth-aachen.de/mailman/listinfo/pj-ft-15

Starting September 15, 2014

Allocation Process


PJ Selection:

1. Online selection via the MSG online portal

2. Print and sign the registration form and letter of commitment from the portal and drop them off with a certificate of enrollment no later than November 16, 2014 in the PJ mailbox.

November 3 to 16, 2014

Placement Announcements

December 1, 2014

Change requests

December 1 to 3, 2014

Conclusion of placement allocation (announcement of changes)

December 12, 2014

You can find additional information about the spring 2015 PJ allocation process under I. Formal Requirements / PJ info event.

Bonus Rule

The bonus rule allows for PJ placements to be preferentially allocated in the event of a justified request. The bonus rule only applies to PJ placements at UKA.

Possible reasons for a bonus request:
• Completion of a doctoral thesis in the corresponding department
• Employment as a student assistant in the corresponding department
• Other, additional involvement in the department concerned

Bonus Process:
Submit a request signed by the respective department director along with the PJ registration documents

Cases of Hardship

Possible reasons for cases of hardship
- Illness/care/raising a child, etc.

- Arrange an appointment in the PJ Office,
- Certificates/doctors' notes upon agreement

PJ Start

Every student must have submitted the following by the start of the PJ:

  • Successful completion of the second component of the medical exam (M2-Examen)
  • Health certificate from the RWTH university doctor
  • Certificate of enrollment

Important Note: University Doctor

You must go to the university doctor between three and twelve weeks before the PJ begins.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday between 8am and 12 noon without an appointment. The PJ examination takes at least an hour. Please plan accordingly.

You can find additional information and the address of the university doctor here.

You will receive information via the listserve about the meeting points for the beginning of the trimester.