III. Courses



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Before the PJ

We offer the following courses and events to help you prepare for the second part of the medical examination (M2):

"Introduction to the M2 Exam Format"

Using selected IMPP questions from past exams, different types of M2 problems and the corresponding strategies for answering and solving them will be presented during this one hour event.
"Internal Medicine Review" Internal medicine content important for the exam and relevant for practice is taught and reviewed.
"PJ Fair"

All of the UKA departments and academic teaching hospitals present themselves every year at a PJ fair. Here, future PJ students can get detailed information and initiate personal contact with the departments. The PJ Fair takes place every April.

"PJ Preparatory Course“

In order to ensure a successful start to the practical year, students complete a three-day course at the AIXTRA interdisciplinary training center. They train and repeat practical skills they have already learned and learn additional skills.

During the PJ

Students complete medical tasks during the practical year under the instruction and supervision of the instructing doctor. Class also regularly takes place in the respective department. Lessons on the ward are supplemented with continuing education courses, clinical visits,and bedside teaching with case studies. You can get more information about this from the respective departments.