Semesters 7 to 10



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Clinical Semesters

In the third component, which is the third learning spiral , the patients and their illnesses are more at the focus of the lessons.

The block courses in the seventh semester, have a greater clinical component than the system blocks in the second study component. There are two lecture threads in internal medicine throughout the semester, namely pediatrics and surgery.

During the eighth and ninth semester, the knowledge and skills acquired in the second component are advanced and oriented towards patients in different clinicals in 20 week clinical block practicals. The clinical fields also offer lectures and seminars accompanying the block practical. The courses in the eighth and ninth semester are identical for the most part, since half of the cohort is in the block practical and the other half in the elective semester.

Since the majority of students have selected one or two specific qualification profiles and want to develop more comprehensive activities within this framework, the eighth or ninth semester is used as an elective semester for scientific work, lab practicals, ward practicals, etc. The intensive work in a corresponding qualification profile can serve as the foundation for a medical doctoral disseration. The elective semester can also be used for medical clerkships or study abroad.

The clinical skills course is the core of the tenth semester. Symptom-oriented and interdisciplinary lectures, seminars with case presentations, and a practical tutorial with actor-simulation patients are offered.

Seven cross-section subjects round out the spectrum of mandatory courses in the third component.