Minor in Medicine


.. for mathematicians, computer scientists, and other natural scientists

There is an increasing need in theoretical and clinical medicine for the implementation and further development of methods in computer-supported information processing. This includes, for example:

  • Information processing and evalution in clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic research.
  • Use of knowledge-based information systems for improving and updating diagnostics and therapy.
  • Implementation and further development of imaging and image-processing application systems
  • Processing fundamental problems in information transfer and controlling medically relevant biological systems

Against this background, students in natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science have been offered medicine as a minor for more than ten years. Training in the minor aims at the practical application of mathematical and information methods in medicine.

The Minor in Medicine was intentionally not designed as medical studies. It does not teach any medical expertise, but rather offers principal looks into the terminology, methodology, and problems in medicine, in order to train natural scientists to become compent partners for medical professionals. Natural scientists should be able to summarize medical problems with the help of informatics and process the statistics.