Computer Work Spaces for Medical Students




Student Assistants working in the computer lab



Opening Hours

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The CoMa Pool has computers students in the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine can use for their studies and scientific work.

Here, new media and learning programs can be implemented, for example, or dissertations can be written. An important component is communication via the internet.

The lab was established in 1997/98 by the Faculty of Medicine Dean's Office at the request of the medicine student representativ council to expand and supplement the exisiting computer labs. Since then it has been under the operation of the Institute of Medical Computer Science.



Rules and Tips for Computer Users in the CoMA-Pool

You can use the computers in the lab for research purposes. The conditions of use are listed below. Consideration for and cooperation with others are the basis of your behavior towards other users in the CoMA pool and online. Behave according to this principle even for those cases not listed below.

  • The RWTH Aachen Terms of Use for the internet apply.
  • The account established is your personal access authorization. You are responsible for the security of your account. Do not let anyone borrow it.
  • Guard your password. Do not share it with anyone and do not write it down. Memorize it!
  • The system will regularly ask you to change your password. Don't be annoyed but rather view it as a measure for your own protection. If you have problems, contact one of our system administrators. Use good passwords! Don't use: words in the dictionary, names, ID numbers, birthdays, simple numbers... If WE can break it, so can others! Despite all of this, you should still be able to easily remember your password!
  • We make every effort to offer our users reasonable security.
  • Pay attention to copyright laws and licensing conditions.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the computers for commercial purposes.
  • It is best not save personal data on systems connected to the internet, like the CoMA pool. We highly recommend saving current drafts on a disc or in zip files.
  • Manipulating the hardware in any way is strictly prohibited.
  • Consider the consequences of your actions online. Avoid transfering large quantities of data from the other side of the world if you do not absolutely need them.
  • If you do not comply with the rules above, you will lose your right to use the computer lab.