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October 6, 2024


Career Development for Female Scientists in Medicine on the Path to Professorship

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Despite oustanding qualifications and performance the number of women in the field of medicine has hardly increased in recent years.

Female professors in departments and at research institutions are more of an exception than a rule.

Aside from the traditional social role expectations and strict conservative, hierarchical structures in departments, a significant cause is lower professional confidence and perseverance as well as less conscious career planning among women.

Another primary cause is the lack of networks as a support system and the integration of female scientists into the scientific community.

This is where the TANDEMplusMED mentoring program comes in.

The program has a duration of one year and begins in the fall every two years, alternating with TANDEMpeerMED.



During the one-year program, 15 to 18 participants are supported in planning and developing their professional career.


With the help of a doctor from the Faculty of Medicine with work experience (who you choose yourself), you can gain clarity about your professional and personal goals and plan your next career steps.

In addition to the individual advising from your mentor, you can also share your personal experiences and tips from your mentors in small peer-mentoring groups related to your specialty and give each other advice, too.


Several full-day training sessions offer a wide range of qualification and development opportunities.

These include, for example:

  • Career planning and potential analysis
  • Communication and self-presentation
  • Communication in teams
  • Academic writing


Various networking opportunities in the form of a biography series on successful career paths of in-house executives and themed afternoons help participants get in contact with other groups in university medicine.