Further Development of Courses of Study



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At the Faculty of Medicine we use various tools to continuously futher develop our courses of study.

The Teaching Coordination Group established a jour fixe during which issues for all courses of study but also special concerns from the different courses of study in the faculty can be dealt with. Points of discussion include, for example, curricular questions and further developments, course evaluations, number of students failing exams, particular cases, and detailed questions that pop up when organizing studies and teaching. Additional teachers and students from the faculty and external individuals can join in on the meetings last minute in order to express their concerns, criticism, or recommendations for improving teaching.

The Teaching Coordination Group's work is characterized by an ability to quickly make decisions, unbeaurocratic way of working, and close and constructive collaboration with students.

The Faculty of Medicine holds an internal conference on the "Modellstudiengang Medizin" (Model degree program of medicine) and the other courses of study once a year. These internal conferences serve to futher development and review the curricula and exams. The internal conferences also offer a good opportunity for thematically structured and intensive discussion apart from daily work, where concerns from all sides are addressed and strategies are considered.

The 2013 Internal Conference will take place in the RWTH Aachen SuperC on November 19, 2013.

In order to make the developments at the faculty and RWTH accessible to a broad spectrum of people, we regularly send the "Info Lehre" as an email newsletter. We have developed a didactic training program to continue to train our teaching personnel. You can find the program here.


RWTH Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy

Representatives from the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine greatly contribute to a variety of fields in the Institutional Strategy. This includes the work groups mentoring, incentive systems, exploratory teaching space, and teaching and learning concepts. Adjunct professor Dr. Martin Baumann is head of the working group e-learning in the teaching and learning concepts group.

Results from individual projects are presented annually at Talk Lehre.