Eurobot Robotics Competition – Roboterclub Aachen e.V.


The Eurobot is an annual interdisciplinary student competition in which teams construct two autonomous robots  that will compete against one-another in various contests.

  Robot Copyright: Georgi Grinshpun

On a designated playing field, the robots have to master tasks assigned to them. Every year in September, new rules for the contest are published by the French organization "Planète Sciences." The theme in 2017, for instance, was "Moon Village." The robots had to construct an abstracted space station out of cylinders and collect titanium ore in form of styrofoam balls.


The competition is aimed at students of all technical disciplines.The Roboterclub Aachen e.V. team is a student initiative at RWTH Aachen University, which constructs two autonomous robots every year to enter into the competition and attempt the assigned tasks. Each year, the teams are required to solve new problems, using their creativity and technical expertise. The mechanics, electronics, and the software are all self-designed and developped by the interdisciplinary team.

In 2017, the Aachen team was able to defend their German championship title and thus qualify for the Eurobot final.

Supported by the Hans Hermann Voss Foundation.


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