FAQs About the Erasmus+ Study Stay


Before the Erasmus+ Study Stay

Is the Erasmus scholarship compatible with other scholarships?

If you are receiving another scholarship from the EU or DAAD, you cannot receive an Erasmus scholarship. All other scholarships are compatible with the Erasmus scholarship. Be sure to find out if your other scholarship provider will lower your scholarship amount if you receive an Erasmus scholarship.

What do I need to know about registering and enrolling at the partner university?

After you successfully applied, your Erasmus coordinator nominated you for an Erasmus study placement at the corresponding partner university.

However you are then responsible for enrolling or registering at the partner university. The nomination from RWTH Aachen is not sufficient, as every university has its own additional enrollment procedure fur Erasmus students. Some partners use online registration and/or want additional documents from the nominated students. Be sure to pay attention to the enrollment deadlines for the Erasmus program at the partner university. If you have not automatically received information about enrollment from the partner university by mid-May (when your stay begins in the winter semester) or the beginning of October (when your stay begins in the summer semester), contact the international office of the host university to find out your current nomination status.

You must receive an official confirmation from the partner university to be certain that your exchange will actually take place. Only then should you book your travel plans or cancel your apartment.

Do I have to pay tuition fees at the partner university?

As a part of the Erasmus agreement between RWTH Aachen and your partner university, you are not required to pay any tuition fees at the partner university for your Erasmus+ stay. Erasmus students are only required to pay enrollment fees or social contribution fees.

What certificates does the RWTH Aachen International Office issue?

The International Office can issue you certificates for your Erasmus study stay for the following:

  • Applying for BAföG for abroad
  • The tax office (Finanzamt)
  • Cancelling contracts with fitness studios or cellphone providers
  • Applying for a visa
  • Partner university or foreign authorities (for example when applying for a housing stipend in France)
  • Child benefit office

We can issue other certificates upon request. However we do not issue any certificates requiring an instructor's signature.

Please us to let us know which certificates you need and what they need state. We will process the request and you can pick up the certificates two days later during office hours at the International Office.

Where can I find visa information?

Make sure to find out early on, whether you need a visa for your host country. You can find detailed information on the consulate and embassy websites, from the Federal Foreign Office, and from the DAAD.

What are the advantages of taking a semester of leave?

You can find information about semesters of leave on the Registrar's Office website.

Taking an official semester of leave during your stay abroad offers the following advantages:

  • Your course semesters are not counted during an official semester of leave due to an Erasmus+ stay.
  • It is possible to take exams at RWTH Aachen during a semester of leave.

How can I have my mobility fee refunded?

You can get a refund for the mobility fee regardless if you take a semester of leave. You can find the request form on the AStA website. Make sure to check the deadline for submitting the request.

What kind of insurance coverage is included?

The Erasmus+ scholarship does not include any insurance coverage. The EU Commission, the DAAD, and RWTH Aachen are not responsible for any damages during the duration of your program participation. Students are responsible for purchasing adequate insurance coverage for the duration of their stay abroad.

It is possible to purchase DAAD group insurance, which includes health, accident, and private liability insurance. You can contact the DAAD Insurance Office or call +49 228 882 294 for more information.

You should have a European health insurance card. This free card gives you access to public healthcare for any necessary medical services in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway at the same cost as for citizens of the respective country. You can find further information on the European Commission website.

Do I need to inform the Registration Office of anything?

According to the State Registration Act you are required to cancel your residence at the Registration Office if you are going abroad for more than three months. This still applies even if your rental contract will remain in force. If you ignore this requirement, you may be fined.

Further information is available on the Website of the City of Aachen.

Where can I find the FAQ about the Learning Agreement?

You can find FAQ about the Learning Agreement in the Learning Agreement handout, that was sent to you by the International Office after you successfully applied for an Erasmus study placement.

What is the minimum number of ECTS I must earn during my stay?

You must complete at least 15 ECTS per semester at the partner university. These must be documented on the transcript of records from the partner university after your stay. Alternatively, you can provide proof that at least 15 ECTS per semester completed at the partner university are recognized by RWTH Aachen. Thus, it is possible, that you earn 14 ECTS per semester at the partner university but receive recognition for 15 ECTS per semester here.

We strongly recommend taking enough classes so that you are have more than 15 ECTS per semester. The EU Commission recommends 30 ECTS per semester. This is to avoid any difficulties should you fail a class.


During the Erasmus+ Study Stay

Do I have to submit a Confirmation of Arrival to the RWTH Aachen International Office?

Many partner universities issue you a confirmation of arrival once you arrive. The RWTH Aachen International Office does not require such a document. However at the end of your stay you are required to submit a confirmation of stay abroad with the start and end dates of your Erasmus study stay.

Are fees for language courses covered?

Any fees you pay for language courses during your Erasmus stay abroad will not be reimbursed.

What do I do if I did not earn the required minimum number of ECTS?

If you do not earn the required minimum of 15 ECTS points per academic semester (see Table A of the Learning Agreement), you can ask for a special allowance from the Erasmus coordinator at your faculty at the end of your Erasmus+ study stay.

To do so, directly contact your respective Erasmus coordinator and describe your situation. Explain in a letter why you did not earn the required minimum number of ECTS.

By signing your letter, the Erasmus coordinator grants you a special allowance. You must then send the signed letter together with a scan of your transcript of records via  to Adriane Sehlinger.

Special allowances are only granted in exceptional cases. If you do not receive a special allowance, the respective Erasmus coordinator will inform the institutional coordinator at the International Office about how many months of funding can be allocated to the ECTS points earned. You will then be required to pay back the corresponding portion of the Erasmus scholarship.

If you do not earn any ECTS points during your Erasmus study abroad stay, you must pay the scholarship back in full (0 ECTS = 0 euros).

What do I do if I want to shorten my Erasmus+ study stay?

At the end of your shortened stay, request the confirmation of stay abroad just like usual. On this document your host university confirms the period you were present for academic pursposes at the institution. After you return, submit the confirmation of stay abroad to the International Office. We will calculate the scholarship amount you must pay back due to the shortened stay and inform you of the amount.

What are the conditions for extending my Erasmus+ study stay?

  • The extended period immediately follows the current stay.
  • An extension cannot extend the stay to beyond 12 months.
  • Your local Erasmus coordinator and the Erasmus coordinator at the partner university must approve the extension.

You can find information about requesting an extension in the Learning Agreement handout.


After the Erasmus+ Study Stay

What do I need to know about the Confirmation of Stay Abroad?

Have your confirmation of stay abroad issued to you directly at the international office of the host university at the end of your stay. In our experience, students experience problems and significant delays when requesting the confirmation of stay abroad from the partner university after they return to Germany.

When will I be requested to fill out EU Online Survey?

When you are automatically requested to fill out the online questionnaire depends on the end date of your mobility as you provided in the Grant Agreement. The questionnaire is sent from the address replies-will-be-discarded@ec.europa.eu.

What is the Letter of Recognition?

The letter of recognition is the document you receive from the examination board of your RWTH faculty when you submit the original transcript of records from the partner university to have your credits recognized.

The letter of recognition includes the courses from the curriculum of the corresponding RWTH course of study that are considered "completed" through your academic performance at the partner university. You must submit the letter of recognition to the ZPA and send a scan of it to the International Office.

What can I do if I have not attained the required number of 15 ECTS credits per semester (i.e. 30 credits for a two-semester study abroad period)?

If you do not attain the required minimum number of ECTS credits, you can apply to your faculty’s Erasmus coordinator to receive an official exemption. Please contact the Erasmus coordinator as soon as you realize that you will not be able to attain the minimum number of credits. As part of the application for exemption, please submit a statement or declaration explaining the reasons why you will not able to attain the required number of credits. Ideally, please also enclose an official statement or certificate as evidence, such as a doctor’s note.

The Erasmus coordinator will approve the application for exemption by signing your declaration. Please send this document, together with the transcript of records from your host institution, via email to . Please note that such exemptions will be granted under exceptional circumstances only! Students whose application for exemption will not be approved must pay back a part of their Erasmus scholarship, and the amount to be paid back will depend on the number of credits actually achieved.