IZKF - Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research


Karen De Bruyne


Karen De Bruyne

IZKF Coordinating Executive Officer


+49 241 80-80034


  Prof. Dr. med. Peter Walter, IZKF Speaker

Development and Strategy Program of the Faculty

The Aachen Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research or IZKF, is a development and strategy program of the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine.

The task of the IZKF is to strengthen translational medical research that stems from its basic research and clinic.

By supporting top-quality research projects, it strives to greatly improve the chances for acquiring high amounts of external funding.

The IZKF Aachen funds:

  • Projects - thematically directed towards the Faculty's research focus areas
  • Researcher groups - group management for young, excellent researchers
  • Core Facilities - equipment and expertise for research

The IZKF manages an annual budget of 4.4 million euros. The IZKF receives a set amount of 3,175,380 euros from the State Fund for Research and Teaching of the NRW Ministry of Science and Research, in accordance with the state budget memorandum. The Faculty of Medicine provides an additional 1,227,289 euros.

The Aachen Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research, IZKF for short, was established in 1995. There are a total of five IZKF nationwide at universities that emerged from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's initiative Health Research 2000 or Gesundheitsforschung 2000. Each of the interdisciplinary centers has developed its own research focuses and structure.

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