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October 30, 2020

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Profession and Career Planning for Female Medical Students

Do you want…

  • ideas and strategies for starting and developing your career?
  • to recognize and strengthen your potential and skills?
  • to prepare for the demands in professional life with practical experiences?
  • to profit from the experience and knowledge of someone in the field or management?
  • to expand your contacts relevant to your career?

Then apply to TANDEMmed!


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There are many unanswered questions about possible prospects and career paths in medicine when you finish your studies or doctoral degree.

Women, in particular, demonstrate less confident career planning and confidence, weaker self-assertion, and absent models and networks as a support system.

These are some of the factors why just a percentage of women attain higher positions in medicine later on, even though two thirds of medical students are now female.

This is why the TANDEMmed mentoring program exists!

With TANDEMmed we offer you the opportunity to receive individual support with planning your career and expanding your skills.

The program combines a mentoring relationship, career-relevant training, topic evenings, and different network events for a whole year.