5. Doctoral studies for international students/with foreign Degree


5. International Applicant

5.1. What should I know if I completed my studies abroad and have not yet received the German medical license?

As soon as you have found a supervisor here at the Faculty of Medicine, take your original transcripts and diplomas to the International Office. The International Office is located in the SuperC at Templergraben 57. The International Office will review your documents and issue an evaluation so that we can see if you fulfill the formal doctoral studies prerequisites.

Afterwards submit the following documents to your respective doctoral officer:

  • Original evaluation of your foreign education. The evaluation must state that it was issued based on original transcripts.
  • Application to have admissions prerequisites reviewed (Template 8 of the Info Sheet for Admission to Doctoral Studies)
  • Further documents in accordance with Template 8
  • A signed tabular resume with date of birth, place of birth, and country of birth if not Germany
  • Supervision confirmation – original and copy
  • Transcripts – certificate and examination transcript, both as legally attested copies

After your application has been reviewed, you and your supervisor will receive a letter about the admissions requirements for doctoral studies and any necessary additional requirements to be fulfilled.