BMGS – Biomedical Graduate School Aachen


Welcome at the Homepage of the Biomedical Graduate School, in short: BMGS, Aachen! 


The BMGS Aachen has been implemented in 2017 by the Faculty of Medicine of the RWTH to provide a framework for the education and career development of of PhD students (PhD/Dr. rer. nat.) from the RWTH University Hospital Aachen and related institutes.

It supports excellence in both, biomedical research and education and serves as platform for scientific discussion and networking.

The BMGS Aachen is organized in several segments/thematic fields. Segments are organized independently but share a common concept and core educational standards.

PhD students in the BMGS are enrolled in the center of doctoral studies, in short: CDS, at RWTH.

Below the links to the individual segments of the BMGS Aachen: