Medical Technology & Digital Life Sciences


The Medicine and Technology focus is the cornerstore of current research at the Faculty of Medicine. It has existed as such since the Faculty was founded.

Initially, the following scientific topic areas were established:

  • biohybrid systems
  • imaging and theranostics
  • interaction of technology, health, and digitalization

Over time further innovative focuses developed at the intersections of these topic areas.

For example, a strong research environment for the development of nanomedicine and drug carrier systems developed at the intersection of imaging and theranostics and biohybrid systems.

Furthermore, digitalization and computer-assisted solutions are extremely valuable to the entire focus of medical technology and digital life sciences.

The increasing relevance of topics relating to digitalization was reflected in the decision to supplement the name of the focus with "Digital Life Sciences. "

Additionally, the fields interaction between technology and health, mechanobiology, gerontotechnology, and imaging and theranostics demonstrated themselves to be ambitious and innovative topic areas.

All of the research in the Medical Technology and Digital Life Sciences field have intensive intercommunication and connection with the other focuses.