Refugees from Ukraine - Information for medicine and dentistry studies

First of all we want to assure you, that this terrible situation and the problems you are facing are in everybody’s mind and we want to do everything, to make this situation better. We also would like to offer you a chance to continue studying medicine or dentistry. The legal situation concerning the study of medicine and dentistry in Germany is complex. That is why we want to recommend the following procedure to you:

  1. First come to Germany and if you are already here make yourself comfortable, rest, find a place to stay for a longer while. Do all the necessary formalities.
  2. We only teach in German. So: Concerning German language levels, you will need C1-Level and Test-AS for the application. Details about the application can be found here: You need the German skills for the application (3.).
  3. Apply for a study place in a higher semester – for the winter semester 2022/23 or even later!

For continuing study in Germany the first step will be to get your achievements from the recent university accepted equivalent to those in Germany (the universities do not do this in Germany!). For this the Landespruefungsamt in Düsseldorf is responsible. Here is the form for this: (unfortunately the form is only available in German).

After you got this “Anrechnungsbescheid” go further to Annika Martens (, she can tell you the next steps for the application. The application deadline for winter semester 22/23 is the 15th of September.

For the tuition fees please contact the International Office: . You also get general information, regarding your situation at the International Office too.

RWTH is a place of diversity, togetherness, and solidarity. We gladly offer advice and assistance to all RWTH members personally affected by war and crises,” emphasizes the rectorate. Ukrainian and all other international students and employees can contact the International Office for support. In addition, the Center for Mental Health and the Psychological Counseling Service of the Student Advice Centre are both open to students, and the Social Counseling Service is available to all employees.

Learning German:

Further information: FAQ Ukraine